About the Squatter

My name is Ashley Smith, and I am the squatter downstairs. I am a 22 year old EMT from the birthplace of the garbage plate, Rochester, NY. I write in my downtime at work. I am one of a gaggle of children that grew up in Phelps, NY. I graduated from Midlakes High School in 2012- right before the world was supposed to end. I then went on to earn my BS in history with a minor in Military Science from SUNY College at Brockport. Now, I am working on an ambulance and writing crazy stories about my grandma while going to school to be a paramedic…how things change!

Have a look around, read some things but more importantly comment on them so my writing gets better! The more you come back and comment the more likely this story will have twists that come from readers…so keep doing that!